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About Dr. Bain

The Chicago Health & Wellness Alliance is the home to Dr. Alan F Bain, a friendly and thorough Osteopathic Doctor (DO).

The Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance is a Chicago based integrated medicine clinic led by Dr. Alan F. Bain D.O. At CHWA, we utilize cutting edge research and science, while assimilating the best of both Eastern and Western philosophies in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

At CHWA, we take a highly individualized, focused, and comprehensive approach to patient treatment We believes strongly in multidisciplinary collaboration, and frequently work with healing practitioners from a variety of disciplines. Our goal is to help patients balance the body and mind, and achieve the full benefits of this symbiotic relationship. At CHWA, we are committed to your total picture of health, both present and future.

Working with Dr. Bain is a team of specialists whose thoughtful and personalized approach ensures the most optimal care for our patients. At The Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance, we are committed to meeting our patients highly individualized needs, both in the short term and for a lifetime of balanced health.

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Dr. Alan Bain