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Our fast paced society and toxic environment bombards humans with a high level of stressors and toxins on a daily basis.  Examples of these environmental toxins include lead in the atmosphere, xenoestrogens from pesticides, high levels of refined carbohydrates and yeast in our food supply, and impure water supplies.  In addition, emotional stress can tax the body, causing lowered antioxidant levels in our blood stream.  Patients who have genetic defects or challenges can accumulate a great many more toxins in their body which then leads to many of the traditional illnesses that doctors diagnose patients with.  Over time because of these stressors,  our body’s immune system becomes compromised.

Because each individual’s ability to filter and process these toxins is determined by our genetics, many people require additional support to help their body’s process out these harmful contaminants. Our food supply has become more and more processed, and therefore more depleted in necessary minerals and vitamins.

Depletion of vitamins minerals in our bodies can lead to a host of symptoms, and each individual mineral and vitamin depletion can lead to different patterns of symptoms.  For example, Magnesium deficiencies have been noted to lower the threshold for illnesses like cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, anxiety, asthma, and constipation. Zinc deficiencies have been noted to cause immune problems, hair loss issues, wound healing issues and mental fatigue. Chromium deficiency can cause insulin resistance and sometimes infertility issues.  Depleted vitamins and minerals can often be replaced in our system through oral intake or IV replacement.

At the Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance, we offer IV nutritional and vitamin support for those that require high levels of vitamin supplementation or wish to support their body’s efforts to remove toxins. We take a careful and thorough history and physical to determine your precise supplementation needs, and recommend the appropriate course of treatment.

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