Men’s Health

Men’s Health is becoming a more important field in the hands of specialists and general practitioners. There has been an influx of patients presenting with erectile dysfunction and low libido. Doctors are finding more males at a younger age presenting with low testosterone. Patients will present with the inability to have an erection or have a low sex drive. Tests are performed to determine if a patient has a hormonal problem causing their erectile dysfunction. There are many ways in which patients can achieve relief from erectile dysfunction. Specialists such as urologists and endocrinologists are often times called upon to help. There are larger centers appearing that deal with hormonal issues in men. Dr. Bain works with men with these issues, taking a complete history and physical and ordering the proper tests. He will obtain the correct specialists, if necessary, to diagnose the problem. He works with the patient nutritionally utilizing a supplemental approach as well as a mindful approach.

Dr. Bain also does an environmental evaluation to see if our toxic environment is negatively influencing men with respect to their hormonal levels. More pesticides are dumped into the water supply which can be influencing our society negatively for men and women.

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Dr. Alan Bain

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