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The Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance is proud to STILL be offering Telehealth services.

We have been offering this service ever since the Pandemic began, as we always have strived to keep everybody safe during these very very trying times.

Since the Pandemic still is Not 100% complete, we will still continue to offer these services. Many people are still working from home and this convenience is offered to all those who wish to participate.

More and more insurances have been still keeping this opportunity available to its members. Please be sure to check with your Carrier and ask your Carrier if you could still receive these services before making an appointment. If it is not formally offered, you can ask for this service to be added to your insurance coverage.

In addition, we are extending these telemedicine services to particular states all across the country. Please see below and also stay tuned for the next state that Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance will be extending its Consultant opportunities.

While most of our patients are located in our home state of Illinois, we are proud to extend our services to Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming,  and West Virginia.

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Dr. Alan Bain