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Yeast Overgrowth and Candida
Yeast overgrowth syndrome or Candida overgrowth syndrome is one of the most prevalent, devious, and misunderstood issues plaguing human health and happiness today. Often, people feel ill for no recognizable diagnostic reason. Scores of medical tests reveal nothing, and patients are often told their symptoms are psychosomatic (In their heads). Yeast overgrowths are frequently overlooked by the traditional medical establishment and the standard batteries of medical testing, barring any highly obvious symptoms.

Candida esophagitis or Candida sepsis conditions are often seen in patients who have undergone a treatment of IV antibiotics or patients that have problems with an immunological condition. These conditions are also frequently observed in patients with HIV. The high sugar intake which plagues our society, combined with high yeast contents in many of our foods and condiments, is a lethal combination frequently leading to yeast overgrowth in our bodies. Add to that our high antibiotic intake, which negatively impacts our body’s ability to process yeast overgrowth.  Physicians who take a whole patient approach are well aware of the range of symptomatology created by Candida overgrowth. Patients can experience brain fog, hormonal issues, obesity issues, and headaches. There are a myriad of other presentations that can be traced back to candida overgrowth.

At the Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance, we take candida overgrowth seriously. We conduct a complete physical, as well as a comprehensive focused blood workup to rule out other possible underlying conditions. We provide strict guidelines on dietary intake and supplementation to improve the underlying condition and reduce symptoms, helping our patients lead more active, happy, and fulfilled lives.

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Dr. Alan Bain