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Before Choosing Dr. Bain as your doctor you must read the form below titled ‘NEW PATIENT INFORMATION’ , which helps answer any and all questions pertaining to Dr. Bain and his office. Dr. Bain prides himself on not being a traditional Doctor and considers himself to be anInvestigative Physician. We direct all new patients to this page so they can tour the office and chose if Dr. Bain is the right fit for them.  

Dr. Bain personally strives to work with his patients to find simple answers to complex and evolving problems, while being thorough, scientific and methodical.

Please remember to also bring your most current insurance card to each visit to ensure the information (group, provider number, etc.) is valid at the time of service. Incorrect or out-of-date information will delay your claim, and you may be held responsible for the full payment of the claim. If we do not have the most up-to-date insurance information, it makes it difficult to process the claims with your insurance carrier.

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Office of Dr. Alan F. Bain, board-certified internist.


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Dr. Alan Bain

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