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Treating you…not the symptoms.

As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Bain comprehensively treats the whole person, working with patients to develop and execute the best treatment plan for them. Dr. Bain is first and foremost a certified diagnostician, in which he is referred to as a Board Certified Internist, or doctor of internal medicine. The American College of Physicians defines an internist as a physician who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. Dr. Bain’s approach is holistically and methodically driven; he will display transparency when guiding patients through their individualized healing programs while striving for the best diagnostic treatment options.
An Internist / Doctor is evaluating a patient.
People putting their hands together to show teamwork.

Stronger Together.

Stronger Together.

People putting their hands together to show teamwork.
Dr. Bain is committed to working with your general practitioner and with your permission will be in contact with them throughout consultation. If you have a current general practitioner, please get a referral prior to scheduling a visit. With a large referral network of specialists, Dr. Bain can recommend to you a multitude of specialists who will better assist you with treatment after an initial diagnosis. 

Learn about what makes us a unique medical provider, and how we provide a more comprehensive approach to you individualized health care.

Highlight of what an internist /primary care physician is.
Primary Care/Internal Medicine
Highlight about Lyme's Disease and what can be done by an internist.
Lyme’s Disease
Highlight of Thyroid Treatment and Therapy and what an internist can do.
Natural Thyroid Treatment & Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you become my primary care doctor or General Internist?
In some cases, I can be your primary care internist but I may not be the right fit for everyone. Refer to New Patient Info and schedule an appointment today.
Can I schedule an appointment for lab work like blood work?
Blood work is not done onsite, however, I can refer you to facilities to complete testing and we can discuss the results in a later appointment.
Are you a specialist?
Yes, I am first and foremost a diagnostician and a board certified internist. I am not a subspecialist e.g. endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, chiropractor, etc., however I am able create a cogent diagnostic treatment along with coordinating with your primary care doctor should you need a specialist.
Can you recommend me to a specialist for my medical condition?
Yes, I can connect you with a variety of subspecialists who will assist you to best treat your condition. I can continue to work with you after your consultation with a subspecialist.
Can I call you directly for a phone consultation?
I do not usually take phone consultation; please schedule an appointment and I’d be happy to speak with you in my office.
Do you fill or refill prescriptions?
Depending on your medical condition prescription refills may not be filled on the first visit however, after consultation and after we establish a relationship, prescriptions and refills can be fulfilled on an urgent basis, except for ADD or Anxiety medications.
Do you perform specialized exams in your office?
No, but I will recommend you to a specialist e.g. gynecologist or dermatologist, to best treat your condition.
I need a second opinion, can I schedule an appointment?
Yes, I will work with your general practitioner to continue your treatment plan. To offer you other assessments and other treatment strategies. Please contact your general practitioner to let them know you are seeking a special type of general medicine consultation.
May I text you if I have further medication questions or assistance?
No, Texting is not to be considered a formal way of transmitting information, whether it is treatment based or explanation based. Please make an appointment to discuss your concerns. However, for urgent medication questions or medical questions, a phone call may be appropriate.
Can I get my lab results before Dr. Bain does, after my consultation?
Yes, it is expected that you take responsibility with Dr. Bain, to obtain your data. However, discussions of your lab work will only be done in person, face to face, with me. You can go to  after one week of having had your blood drawn.
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